Fashion expressed in leading fabrics!

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality, fashion and trends! de Ball - the partner for the discerning manufacturer!


de Ball: the foremost producer of
State of the Art faux fur.

Technology and Fashion, the Essence of de Ball Jolipel®!

Infinity Scarves

A small accessory with a big impact.

Loop scarves are never out of fashion.

Luxury Trows

Discover our wide range of plush faux fur throws
in plaid and nature-inspired looks. Cozy up in their comfort
and enjoy their look and feel. For top quality and comfort,
these blankets are made in our own shop in Germany!

New cubes from imitation cowhide!

Rugs & Cubes


Zebra, antelope, tiger ...
lovers of African styles will be passionate about
our imitation animal-print rugs.

Turn Innovation into Reality

de Ball - the successful supplier to top designers and Brands worldwide!
Are fabrics are the staple of best in class outerwear,
sportswear and home decoration!